Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch Review

A fitness watch or tracker is a device for monitoring and keeping track of fitness related metric information. Some of which include; heart beat, calories consumption, distance walked or run etc. The new trend of packing fitness trackers into wrist watches is a welcome innovation. This is because a fitness tracker is one of the best ways to monitor your activities with precise and accurate results. It can be likened to an electronic finger on your pulse keeping track of your vitals constantly. The Fitbiz blaze smart fitness watch is a great brand of fitness watch for absolutely anyone. It has a unisex design. Which means

fitbit blaze smart fitness watch unboxing
  • This watch can be worn by men and women of all category.
  • It is ideal especially for anyone intending to have full and proper control of his / her daily routine.
  • It is a great asset for those with existing fitness programs as it will help to monitor your performance and progress.
Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

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It is also packed with many exciting features that are designed for ease and proper functionality. These features will be discussed in detail in the next section of this article. However, if you're looking for a good brand of activity tracker or watch to get, this product will make a really good choice. This is because it is designed with advanced technology and it is also versatile, which means it will be a lot more useful to your day than just fitness tracking.

Features of the Fitbiz Blaze Smart Fitness wrist watch

Features of the Fitbiz Blaze Smart Fitness wrist watch

1. Wireless synchronization: The Fitbit blaze is designed to synchronize wirelessly with a number of Android, iOS and windows devices. This way you can go about your workout or daily routine effortlessly and still be in charge and updated about your entire day. Since the syncing range of this device is as wide as 20ft, you do not necessarily have to carry your devices in your pocket. This goes a long way to ease your stress and allow you to focus on each activity during the day.

So, you do not have to worry about calls and other notifications as they would sync directly to your watch as long as you're within the 20 feet range. The fitbit blaze syncs using the 4.0 Bluetooth technology. This allows for other desirable functions like music control. However, syncing to mobile devices would require Internet connectivity and Bluetooth.

2. Battery Life: This product also features a very long battery life. You can use the Fitbit blaze for up to 5 days at a go. This means you do not have to worry about frequently charging this device, and you can be rest assured that it's performance will not dwindle. The most interesting part of its battery life is that it can be fully charged in about two hours. This way it doesn't have to be out of use for so long. As a matter of fact you can utilize this device round the clock and almost not worry about its battery life.

3. All day activity: Unlike some fitness trackers, this product is versatile and can be very useful round the clock. It is built to track your workouts and monitor your performance statistics. In addition to that you can keep track of your all day activities including calls, texts, sleep and even calendar notification. With this product you can track your entire day with ease even with a fitness routine. It also features connected GPS for easy directions for your work out routes.

4. Water Resistance: The fitbiz blaze is rain, sweat and splash proof. Hence you do not need to worry about it's performance during your rigorous exercises, especially when you sweat a lot. This product is built to withstand small splashes of sweat or water. However, you shouldn't take this tracker to the swimming pool, shower or any water body.

5. On screen work out mode: The fitbit blaze also features an on screen workout mode which can take you through various exercises step by step. This goes a long way to make your individual workout plans more productive. This product also features dedicated modes for tracking all your exercise sessions.

6. Touch screen LCD: This amazing watch tracker also features a 1.66 inches colored LCD touchscreen. This allows for easy navigation in a smart way. This way, your daily tracking as well as your on screen work out plans are easy to manipulate. The touch screen basically makes operation and general use more effective.

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

7. Beautiful Design: The fitbit blaze comes in a beautiful and seemingly unisex design in three different colors. There's also a collection of different sleek clock faces to choose from. It is beautifully designed to suit just about anyone.


  • 5 days battery life
  • On screen work out mode
  • Android, iOS and windows syncing
  • Beautiful design
  • Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology
  • Sweat and splash proof


  • GPS is not in built
  • It is not swim proof
  • Cannot be used with pacemaker or implanted medical devices
  • Not suitable for children under 13
  • Prolonged use may result in skin irritation.

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Everyone desires all round fitness. Using a fitness tracker is one of the easiest ways to keep track of your daily activities and fitness routines. The fitbit blaze is an ideal product that will meet your daily activity tracking needs. It is beautifully designed with versatile features to keep track of your day in a smart way. It is also relatively affordable when compared to other fitbit brands. It is a really great activity tracker to have and you can enjoy the benefits of its unique features every day.

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