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fitbit one activity tracker review

Keeping your body active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are ways a person can live a long happy life. However, due to responsibilities like work, running errands, or raising a family, sometimes working out and staying fit are just put aside. The truth is, when your body is inactive, it will absolutely lead you to experience health problems in the long run.

Since the body needs exercise every day to keep it functioning well, staying immobile or inactive for a long time will lead to long-term disorders. When the body is unhealthy, it sometimes affects one’s everyday life; it will lead you to have low productivity in school and work, gain unwanted and unhealthy weight, and you can start feeling seriously ill.

This situation if not curtailed can gradually become alarming especially as we grow older. With all this said, an effective way one can prevent and alleviate such situations is engaging in exercise - no matter how little. Activities like walking, running, or just moving around every day go a long way in helping boost your health. Though these activities sometimes go unnoticed, they will surely help in maintaining one’s well-being.

Due to the fact that simple activities like walking and running are not placed on high regard as that of working out and going to the gym, a lot of people may think doing such does not bear anything good. The truth is, there is something great happening in doing these simple activities, but it only goes unnoticed since there is nothing to measure and monitor its effectiveness. As a result of a necessity for this “something” to solve this predicament, fitness trackers were invented.

Fitness trackers are considered one of the best ways to keep track of your fitness and health progress. Most of these trackers are wireless and you can put these either on your wrist or in your pocket. It shows you how many steps you have made, the distance you have traveled, your calorie intake, how well and long you have slept as well as your heart rate. Some fitness trackers even have a global positioning system (GPS) feature. With these features fitness trackers have, it is a sure way to invest your money and to start moving your body!

Benefits of Using Fitness Tracker


Your fitness tracker is your best friend

Your fitness tracker is one of the most important things you will need to start your fitness journey. As long as you know the features your fitness tracker has, you are good to start. When using a fitness tracker, there is no need to open an application by yourself; with the ability of fitness trackers to sync your tracking activity to your phone, PC or gadget via Bluetooth, you don’t have to worry much. Also, there is no need for you to worry on losing your daily fitness data, since fitness trackers store it in a safe place and backs it up regularly. Aside from these, fitness trackers are also easy-to-use and fast-charging.

A lot of people may still use pen and paper, if not, boards and markers to keep track of their daily fitness activities. Doing this is way inconvenient, right? If you start using fitness trackers, you can keep track with your daily fitness activities through the data and information these trackers offer online. Depending on the fitness tracker you use, you can login to your account to know your daily fitness information and take note of it.

In addition, fitness trackers can be considered as an updated weight loss tool. It keeps your personal fitness records for you to know whether you have achieved your desired weight or goal or not, and if you are on the right track or not. Aside from monitoring activities, fitness trackers monitor you in your sleep, too! Basing on your movement during sleep, fitness trackers will know how well you have slept.


It helps you achieve your plans

Fitness trackers help you achieve your plans by making sure you are always informed regarding your fitness goals. When your goal is to lose weight, you can take note through your online account your exercise routine, daily activities or the foods you eat in achieving such. Depending on what fitness tracker you use, the applications in your online account calculate the calories you have consumed and shed off, and will show you the difference between both.

In addition, it can also be of use to you when you plan something in advanced. Whether you are joining a 10k run or a 30-mile ride, the fitness tracker will help you train for you to become fully prepared in your event by keeping a record of your speed, distance and heart rate.


It makes your daily activities consistent with your goals

We all know that consistency is the key to reach your goals; in keeping the body healthy and fit, you can’t see drastic and amazing changes overnight. So, taking a step after step, no matter how small it is, will eventually lead you to your fitness goals. However, this would be better if you can keep track with your steps. Depending on what fitness tracker you use, log your daily activities – the exercise you have made and your diet - to make sure you are on the right track and what you do is consistent with what you want to achieve. You can also seek help from the online community on how to achieve your goals effectively and faster, if they can suggest some tips.


It motivates you to not give up

Though fitness trackers may only be seen as a tool to achieve your goals, it can also directly motivate you to not give up on what you are doing. You may not see it at first, but what’s the use of logging your daily diet and exercise? Of course, it is for motivation; for you to be motivated to keep on going. It is easier to keep on track if you can always trace and see your progress history and the pounds you have lost. In addition, it gives you a good feeling when you can see how much you have achieved through the descending and ascending lines you can see on your graph; these remind you that you have achieved this by making little steps every day, and you will achieve more if you keep doing the same and do not give up.


It challenges none other than you

Since fitness trackers keep you reminded of your progress and goals, it encourages you to do more, if you can! This tool is an effective way to walk more, to run faster and to keep moving a little longer than yesterday. According to, research even shows that wearing fitness trackers, even though it is just a basic pedometer, can increase a user’s activity levels by 30%. 

In addition, your fitness tracker is your own possession; it is a reflection of your goals and it’s just basically about you! Whether you work out at home or somewhere, the fitness tracker will serve as your guide as well as your challenger to go a mile further.

To prove the benefits provided by using a fitness tracker, a small study was conducted and was even published in the September American Journal of Preventive Medicine (AJPM) (2).In the study, the researchers wanted to know if digital fitness trackers would increase physical activity among older women. In the AJPM study, the researchers used the fitness tracker Fitbit and a web application which evaluates and graphs recorded information gathered from the study.

The study’s subjects were 51 overweight postmenopausal women who utilized 33 minutes per week in doing moderate to intensive physical activities. These women were divided into 2 groups; the first group is composed of women using a standard pedometer, and the second group is composed of women using Fitbit. The second group also had guided sessions and a scheduled follow-up call after a month. Both groups were tasked to walk 10,000 steps every day and to do 150 minutes of moderate or intensive physical activities every week. Both groups of women also used an accelerometer as an additional gadget which also tracks movements.

After a 16-week period, neither of the groups of women had reached their goals; the group who only used a pedometer did not have substantial increase in the levels of their physical activity, but the group who used FitBit was able to increase their physical activity by an additional 38 minutes every week.

Linda Arslanian, the director of rehabilitation services at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital, said that fitness trackers helps and encourages one to do more. She also pointed out that a fitness tracker can capture what one does more accurately than an activity journal. She said that trackers record objective workout data accurately, which includes exercise distance, duration, intensity and pace. She said that when one can see these things, especially one’s fitness progress, that person would be motivated to keep on building what that person has already accomplished.

Another benefit these fitness trackers can provide is that they can also record your heart rate, which is essential to determine workout intensity. Arslanian said that you may want to exercise at 60% to 80% of your maximum heart rate for at least 30 minutes 3-5 times a week, if you are doing aerobic exercise. She said that doing that will improve your endurance.

In addition, having a device like a fitness tracker which provides information and alerts if one is over or under the established training heart rate can result to safer, more effective and yielding workouts especially for those who have heart issues.

Fitbit One Review

Now that you know about the benefits of getting a fitness tracker, let us discuss one of the best fitness trackers available in the market.

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker Review

fitbit one wireless activity sleep tracker

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker is a wireless fitness and activity tracker which you can use to monitor your everyday activities, day or night. It is small in size and has a sleek design, which makes it look exquisitely engineered; plus it is also made from high-quality materials. It comes with a silicone case with a clip that acts as a protector as well as a holder of the FitBit One fitness tracker. It also comes with a USB dongle which enables you to connect your FitBit One fitness tracker with your PC. Also, a band in which the FitBit One fitness tracker is attached to and allows you to put on your wrist, and a receiver which is attached to your PC’s USB port that syncs with the FitBit One fitness tracker.

Features of the FitBit One Fitness Tracker

fitbit one wireless activity sleep tracker review

Once you turn on the power of your FitBit One fitness tracker, it shows you how much you have achieved for the day.

01. It displays the most necessary information.
Fitbit One shows you the time and your daily stats.

02. It shows all day’s activities in a snap.
FitBit One shows you how many steps you have made for the day, how many floors you’ve climbed, how much the distance you have gone is, how many minutes you were active and how many calories you’ve burned.

03. It can be used to monitor sleep.
FitBit One monitors and lets you know how long you have slept and how well have you slept.

04. It can be used as an alarm.
FitBit One wakes you up with a silent alarm to start your day calm and bright. With its small size and among those devices which can do more than this fitness tracker, you may ask: “Why would I choose FitBit One?” Here are some reasons why you should get one for yourself.

05. It lightweight, portable and can fit in your pocket
Compared to other fitness trackers which tend to be a bit bulky, FitBit One is lightweight, small and portable. You can even put it straight in your pocket! With its small size, just make sure you do not lose it; you can make use of the clip of its rubber protector for you to clip it anywhere on your clothing convenient for your reach.

06. It is rain-resistant and sweat-resistant
With FitBit One’s rain and sweat-resistant construction, you won’t have to worry much about sweating a lot or being under the rain while this fitness tracker is attached to you.

07. It is exquisitely-made with high-quality materials
The Fitbit One is a lightweight fitness tracker with a glossy plastic front and satin aluminum back. For it to be more protected, you can also make use of its silicone clip case or protector. Overall, FitBit One looks sleek and is tough at the same time.

08. It is easy to use
The FitBit One’s one-button navigation keeps everything about the device simple and makes it easier to use. The screen and indicator lights show you important messages and reminders. It automatically syncs with your PC if you are 20 feet from it. Its Bluetooth feature also makes you see your real-time progress through syncing it with your phone. This fitness tracker also keeps track of your one week’s worth of activity information if you don’t have the time to sync it with your device every day.

09. It is compatible to almost all phones, tablets, PCs and the like
The Fitbit One is compatible with a lot of devices like phones, tablets and PCs. It is also compatible with Android and Apple phones and tablets.

10. There are convenient ways for you to access your FitBit One information
One of FitBit One’s strengths is its ability to connect to the company’s online service. You can easily monitor your activity, and can even view your activity history for the past few days, weeks, or months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I charge my FitBit One and how long does the battery last?
A: The Fitbit One fitness tracker has a built-in rechargeable battery. If it is already time to charge it, just align the tracker’s gold contacts with the gold contacts of the charging cable, and then plug it into your PC’s USB port. You can also charge it through plugging it on other compatible USB charging devices. A battery indicator will appear when the fitness tracker is plugged into the charging cable. Then, you can hold down FitBit One’s button while it’s charging to see its battery level. To fully charge FitBit One, it will take around 1-2, and it can be used for around 1-2 weeks when you have fully charged it.


Q: How do I reset my FitBit One fitness tracker?
A: FitBit One seldom goes unresponsive. However, it can be easily solved by resetting the fitness tracker. First, you plug the charging cable into your PC. Ensure that the tracker’s gold contacts are aligned with the charger’s gold contacts. Then, hold down the FitBit One’s button for around 10-15 seconds. After Which, remove the fitness tracker from the cable and press the button again to turn the fitness tracker on. Wait for the screen to turn on, and your tracker is now reset.


Q: How does FitBit One assess the quality of my sleep?
A: FitBit One informs you whether you are awake, sleeping or restless. This feature is ideal for those people who feel like they are fully rested during the night, only to wake up weak and not so energized. Though you may feel like you have been asleep the whole night, there are external factors (e.g. loud noise, car honking) during your sleep which can affect its quality. FitBit One can assess whether you slept well because it bases on your movements while you are sleeping.


Q: How reliable is FitBit One’s rain-proof feature?
A: When the fitness tracker becomes wet because you have been exposed to light rains and the tracker is attached to you, then, don’t worry about it since it is going to be totally fine. However, if it has been exposed to harsh wet conditions for quite a period of time, FitBit suggests soaking the fitness tracker in rice for 24 hours.


Q: How reliable is FitBit One when it comes to detecting necessary movements, and not detecting unnecessary ones?
A: FitBit One is calibrated to detect actual steps and not random and unnecessary movements. Moving only your legs and driving on bumpy roads do not even affect the recorded number of steps. Thus, the results and information FitBit One gives are reliable ones.


FitBit One is truly leading and considered to be one of the best of its kind. With its sleek design, light weight and portability, it is surely something one is looking for. Aside from its great external features, FitBit One is rain-resistant, sweat-resistant, user-friendly, and is mostly compatible to devices. You can also easily sync your FitBit One fitness tracker with your PC as long as you are within the 20-feet range.

FitBit One is surely a great tool for you to achieve your fitness goals. With the information and reminders it provides you regarding your fitness progress, and with the easy-to-read and understand progress data and graphs FitBit One provides, what more can you ask for?

Aside from being able to monitor your fitness goals, FitBit One is also your reliable buddy to monitor you when you are asleep and to wake you up in a calm manner.

Though you can get all of these great benefits from FitBit One fitness tracker, just make sure you clip it on your clothing properly, or you are sure that when you put it in your pocket, it will not fall easily. Since FitBit One fitness tracker is small in size, it can be susceptible to loss, so just be always aware of it.Make your fitness goals better and aim more with a FitBit One fitness tracker!